The Best Mediterranean Food in NYC: Where to Go & What to Try

The Best Mediterranean Food in NYC: Where to Go & What to Try
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Are you ready to explore the tastes of the Mediterranean in New York City's best restaurants? From delicious gyros and shawarma to falafel and dolmas, this list of top-rated eateries will make your mouth water.

Cafe Mogador

Cafe Mogador is an East Village staple, serving up traditional and creative takes on classic Mediterranean fare. With dishes like labneh with pomegranate and rosemary chicken, you'll find flavors that will transport you straight to the Middle East. Plus, their cozy atmosphere ensures a relaxing dining experience no matter when you come.

We found this coffee place in Gaia, right across the river there is Porto. We totally love it and there is also wonderful accommodation right above this place.
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Altaïr is a haven for Mediterranean food lovers, offering up classic and modern takes on cultures all along the Mediterranean Sea. Their expansive dining room boasts beautiful decor and warm lighting, creating an inviting spot to enjoy traditional plates like shawarma or something more inventive like their falafel plate with house-made labneh. Whether you're looking for a romantic date night spot or just a great place to try Middle Eastern fare, Altaïr won't disappoint.


For a taste of traditional Lebanese street food, Manousheh NYC's cozy East Village location has got you covered. The small eatery specializes in making authentic man'oushe — a type of flatbread made with zaatar, which is traditionally enjoyed for breakfast or as a snack. You can also find some seriously delicious shawarma and falafel, roundly complemented by their homemade beet tahini sauce and pickled vegetables.

Sofra Mediterranean Kitchen

As a cozy neighborhood spot in the heart of Flatiron, Sofra Mediterranean Kitchen stands out for its creative menu items. All dishes are cooked fresh and the ingredients are sourced from local farmers markets and vendors. The menu includes wraps made with house-made dough, vegan selections, and a variety of shareable small plates. Be sure to try their crispy fried cauliflower topped with crunchy pine nuts and an irresistible garlic sauce!

Souvlaki GR

When it comes to Greek food, Souvlaki GR takes the crown. This authentic restaurant serves traditional gyros and souvlaki dishes that have been marinated to perfection. Choose from hearty souvlaki sandwiches, Mediterranean salads topped with feta cheese and olives, grilled chicken or pork platters served with grilled vegetables and pita bread, and classic Greek specialties such as moussaka or spanakopita. For a unique twist on Mediterranean food you won't find anywhere else, be sure to try the Goats’ Cheese Saganaki - it's one of their most popular dishes!

It was time to put together a party dish, and I was downright feeling lazy. Platter time! Pile on oodles of winter fruits, pretty little water crackers, pistachio-crusted goat cheese. And bazinga. Life is good.
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