Top 4 Baseball Bars in New York

Top 4 Baseball Bars in New York
nycLife | Top 4 Baseball Bars in New York

Need a trendy new spot to watch your favorite baseball game? Don’t worry, this list of some of the most amazing sports bars in New York will surely leave you wanting to check them out. 

All the sports fans definitely need a place to chill, hang out, and meet up with their friends who are also baseball fans. Sports bars conveniently fulfill that need for all the sports fans there are. Whether you want a taste of your favorite drink or to catch the latest baseball game, these bars are there for you.

Sports fans often go above and beyond to show their love for the sport. They enjoy buying their team’s jerseys and collecting merchandise. You’re probably very familiar with the rush of joy the big fans get when watching a baseball game or cheering for their favorite team!

Many fans find other ways to stay invested and involved in the game, and are always looking for new opportunities to increase their engagement. If that’s true for you too, you can watch the game live in the stadium, join fan clubs, or even try out baseball betting. Placing bets online has become a new thing as everyone gets more engaged with the digital world! 

You can also try out baseball betting to stay more involved in the sport. Sports betting gives you more insight into the game and its players. While you may know many players and teams as a fan, placing bets on baseball games will give you more knowledge about which player is playing for which team and how well they’re doing.

After you have done your job and placed the bets you want to, you can visit a sports bar near your home to watch the game. New York has some of the best baseball bars you can make a visit to.

Inwood Bar & Grill

You will find yourself enjoying the amazing food and drinks at Inwood Bar & Grill while hanging out with your friends. Inwood Bar & Grill is the perfect place for you to enjoy a baseball game and place bets online, and it’s known for its lively vibe.

Along with cheering for your favorite baseball team, you will be surrounded by tasty food in the sports bar. The overall vibe of the sports bar will leave you wanting to come back for more.

BK Backyard Bar

Formerly known as Tailgate Outdoor Sports Bar, BK Backyard Bar opened its doors to the public during the pandemic in 2021. They wanted to bring the good times and give hope to people after they had been isolated for a long time.

In just a short amount of time, BK Backyard Bar had become quite popular for its buzz-worthy drinks — everyone had been raving about it. The bar certainly became a hang-out spot for baseball enthusiasts in New York.
It also became a great spot for the local community to socialize and get food from some of the best food trucks. You can taste the lively atmosphere and have fun watching your favorite team on TV. You can gather all your friends and bring them along, as they have over 25 television sets and many seating arrangements.

The Three Monkeys

Would you like to watch the game on a big screen? Well, you have stumbled upon the perfect place. The Three Monkeys is a great bar for all sports lovers — you can watch your favorite player hitting the home run on a huge screen with the help of a projector.

2 large projectors and several large flat-screen TVs will help you watch your favorite game in style. You will easily get into the zone of the sport and find yourself placing baseball bets online just to stay more involved in the game.

When you have finished watching your game, you can enjoy the delicious food or listen to the music played on the multiple DJ stations if you wish.

Space Billiard

Whether you are looking to unwind after a long day or enjoy a game with your friends, Space Billiard is the place to be. You can order some of the best drinks at the bar and munch on your favorite snacks.

While you can always have fun watching your favorite game at the sports bar, you can also relax by playing pool with your friends. This place is also a must-visit for all the fans of Korean music and dramas. Being in the middle of Koreatown, Space Billiard also offers some exquisite and delicious Korean drinks.


New York is filled with popular and sight-worthy bars for all baseball lovers. You can visit many sports bars but still have more left to see. Of course, each sports bar is different and has different amenities — one bar may offer you something you won’t find elsewhere.

Among the many several sports bars in the area, new places keep popping up. So, you’ll want to keep up with the latest updates and be in the know about the trendiest places in your area. Which baseball bar is your favorite place to visit?



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