Concrete Jungle Game Night: How to Host an Epic New York City-Themed Game Night

nycLife | Concrete Jungle Game Night: How to Host an Epic New York City-Themed Game Night
nycLife | Concrete Jungle Game Night: How to Host an Epic New York City-Themed Game Night

Imagine transforming your living room into the bustling streets of New York City, where the energy of Times Square, the elegance of Manhattan, and the charm of Brooklyn come alive.

Themed game nights have emerged as a fantastic way to bring friends together, offering not just a night of fun and games but an immersive experience that remains etched in memory. 

Among the myriad of themes you could choose, there's something undeniably magnetic about New York City. Its iconic landmarks, diverse culture, and vibrant nightlife make it the perfect backdrop for an epic game night. 

It's about capturing the essence of the city that never sleeps and bringing it into your home for an unforgettable evening of laughter, competition, and camaraderie.

Setting the Scene

To host a New York City-themed game night that truly resonates with the spirit of the Big Apple, setting the scene is crucial. Start with decorations that mirror the city's iconic skyline.

Create silhouettes of skyscrapers and landmarks like the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty to adorn your walls. For table centerpieces, think miniature yellow cabs or faux apple arrangements to nod to "The Big Apple" itself.

Lighting plays a key role too; string lights can mimic the city’s bright lights, while a disco ball can bring a Times Square New Year’s Eve vibe right into your living room.

Don't forget the power of music to set the atmosphere. Curate a playlist of NYC-inspired tunes, blending genres that celebrate the city’s musical heritage.

Include classics from Frank Sinatra’s "New York, New York" to Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' "Empire State of Mind." The goal is to create a multisensory experience that transports your guests straight to the heart of New York City before the games even begin.

Selecting the Games

When it comes to embodying the essence of New York City in your game night, the games you choose are as crucial as the skyline on your walls. Consider these NYC-themed options for a mix of strategy, fun, and trivia that will keep everyone entertained:

  • Ticket to Ride: New York – This board game offers a quick-playing version of the classic, where players race through the streets of Manhattan to visit the most prestigious Tourist Attractions.

  • New York City Trivia – Create or find a set of trivia questions that cover everything from NYC history and landmarks to famous New Yorkers and pop culture references. It's a great way to challenge and educate your guests about the Big Apple.

  • Monopoly: New York City Edition – A twist on the classic game, featuring iconic properties like the Empire State Building and Central Park.

Jay-Z & Alicia Keys - Empire State of Mind

New York City-Themed Snacks and Drinks

No New York City game night would be complete without a menu inspired by the city’s iconic food scene. Here are some snack and drink ideas that pay homage to NYC's culinary staples:


  • Pretzels and Hot Dogs: Serve gourmet versions of these classic street foods to give your guests a taste of NYC on the go.

  • New York-Style Pizza: Offer a variety of pizzas, or even better, set up a make-your-own-pizza station with an array of toppings.

  • Bagel Bar: Set up a bagel bar with assorted bagels, cream cheeses, smoked salmon, and various toppings for a quintessential New York breakfast-for-dinner experience.


  • Manhattan Cocktails: It doesn’t get more New York than this classic cocktail. Serve it alongside other NYC-inspired drinks like the Brooklyn or the Bronx.

  • Egg Creams: Offer this unique New York beverage that contains neither egg nor cream but is a delicious mix of milk, carbonated water, and chocolate syrup.

  • New York State Wines or Craft Beers: Highlight the local produce by serving wines from the Finger Lakes region or craft beers from New York City breweries.

By curating a selection of games that celebrate New York City's spirit and pairing them with iconic snacks and drinks, you're set to host an epic game night that brings the excitement and flavor of the city into your home.

Customizing the Best Friend Quiz for NYC
To infuse your New York City-themed game night with a personalized twist, incorporating the Big Apple into the Brainfall’s bff quiz is a fantastic idea.

Customize the quiz with questions that celebrate the essence of New York, creating a fun and interactive experience that also tests your guests' knowledge and perceptions of the city. Here are some ideas for custom questions:

  • "If we were to visit an NYC landmark together, which one would I be most excited about?"

  • "Which New York-based movie do I quote the most?"

  • "If I could choose any NYC neighborhood to live in, which one would it be?"

  • "What's my go-to order at a New York-style deli?"

  • "Which iconic NYC event would I love to attend together?"

These questions not only add a New York City flair to the quiz but also encourage friends to share stories and memories related to one of the world's most iconic cities.

Prizes and Favors

Reward the winners of your game night and thank all guests with New York-themed prizes and party favors that capture the city's spirit. Here are some ideas that will make your friends feel like they've taken a piece of New York City home with them:

  • Miniature Statue of Liberty Figures: A classic memento that symbolizes freedom and the city itself.

  • I ♥ NY Mugs: Let your guests enjoy their morning coffee with a reminder of the unforgettable game night and the city that inspired it.

  • Subway Map Coasters: Practical, stylish, and quintessentially New York, these coasters are a great way to remember the city’s complexity and charm.

  • Broadway Playbills or Posters: For the theater lovers, these can serve as a beautiful reminder of New York’s vibrant arts scene.


Hosting a New York City-themed game night is an excellent way to bring the excitement, culture, and flavors of the Big Apple right into your living room.

With thoughtful New York-themed prizes and favors, your game night will be a memorable celebration of the city that never sleeps.

Embrace the spirit of New York City, and let it guide you to host a fun, engaging, and unforgettable game night that your friends will talk about for years to come.



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